Medusariffic Interactive is a series of Point And Click Adventures built using the Adventure Maker engine and published in .exe form.

July 24, 2009

The Promo for Medusariffic Interactive 03 just went up.

In Issue 01 Dee convinces Elaine to try out her new virtual adventure, a world of basilisks, beauties and golden temptations.  Make sure to check out the frames carefully, as some extras await - just look for the magical, groping, hand.

Drake notes - I know when I am enthusiastic about a project, when I went from trying the software, buying the software and publishing my first adventure withing approximately 72 hours.  While this first attempt is simple, and certainly does not fully explore the tools available to me, it was a useful training exercise, and taught me what I will need to do in creating the next adventure.  I hope you enjoy it.

MAC USERS! Here is an HTML version - you will not get all the features - so click parts you like, there may be extras.

Download the HTML here

Medusariffic Interactive 02: The Mannequin Maker

Check out the trailer HERE

In the Mannequin maker you take the role of a store Manager whose changing room contains a naughty surprise.  Can you add three more lovelies to your collection?

Click the plastic Lovely above to download the game

Unfortunately this one is not going to translate to an HTML version at this time.  Sorry Mac users. 

Medusariffic Interactive 03: Escape from Katsuki Spa

Check out the Trailer Here

The Full game is 56MB and requires a Windows OS (tested on XP and Vista) and a recent Flash player (most browsers will have this as a matter of course)

The download is broken into several parts due to hosting limitations

Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4 Part 5 Part 6 Part7 Part8


Due to the game window size (800 by 800) you must have a screen resolution set that is equal to or greater than 800 in both directions.  Close the program, adjust your resolution, and then reload the program.   This is a hard limitation in the program and cannot be changed without rebuilding the game and all associated files from the ground up.