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The Gallery Lapideus
Monyca's Lair
The Many Realm of Fantasy
There is a lot here.  Gorgon Art, The Legacy of Timeless Beauty, The Medusa Realm. Cobalt Jade.  Your one stop for ASFR
Tanya Danielle's Fetish Videos
Not only is Tanya smoking hot, but she is creating excellent and affordable freeze fetish videos
Stuckposing Forum
A great place to stay a while
Medusa Project 2.5+
Don't be scared of a foreign language, some great resources live here.  As do a lot of pop-up ads.
Another Forum to keep you informed and connected
Naga's Den
Wouldn't be a links page without Naga

Some great Mind Control comics here

What isn't there to like about heroines in peril?

Weird and Sexy
Your one stop fetish site