I should note that these are not in chronological order.

Real women and the sequel 'Hiring Freeze' were early mannequin experiments that featured more realistic body ideals than I usually use.  While I wince at some of the mistakes in it, this remains a very popular series and it is one I often get asked about doing another sequel to.  If I do, I will 're-boot' the series and start anew.

Another blast from the past, these are the first work I did while teaching myself Poser (using Poser 5).  Poser 5 while enjoyable has severe issues (more like a subscription) and I was very pleased to upgrade to 7.  This archive features tests, Ashley Khan Archaeologists, Amazon Tales, a Bad Day and a photo shoot with a very happy ending.

I likePOV stories.  POV Medusa was a trio of comics that featured a Medusa protagonist.  The first was purely predatory, but the second dealt with the mutual pleasure of the relationship and the third the loneliness of the protagonist, who can possess her lovers entirely; but not be possessed by them.

Daz's The Girl remains one of my favorite models to use, it is too bad there is not more support for her.  Three Wishes is another early work that demonstrates what happens when you rub the lamp and make some ill advised wishes.  It also features rubbing the Genie, who doesn't seem to mind, but then again, she doesn't get out much.

Petra and Zilvara asked for me to do anime versions of their avatars, an idea that changed into a parody of the genre.  I tried to play with multiple cliches in here.  If memory serves this is also the first comic where Umiko showed up (I could be wrong here.)  Umiko's avatar was initially anime, but has since changed to a more realistic model.

Another early work, Freeze Tag World Championship started with a great poser picture by Argoforg.  It orginally featured photo-manipulation, but once I started into working with poser, it was natural to continue it in that medium.

Miss Miyama is another leftover from my photo-manipulation days; an art teacher at various colleges and a collector of beautiful women.   This archive features Miss Miyama raiding a Slumber Party and a visit to the local pool.  There are also a few test images I did when building her model in poser.

Elaine Blonde started as a single photo-manip (she was called Jane back then) and evolved into an ASFR parody of the famous spy.  She is featured in a number of stories I wrote (which will show up here eventually).  You can see the models I use evolve over time as I got better with poser.   I think Dungeons, Dragons and Dee was the first comic to feature Marlene.

When Eliza joined the cast, she stumbled into Trish and shortly thereafter the hands of a mannequin obsessed villain - this happens far more often than you would think it would.

Princess Ari's first appearance.  A hot shower, a hot woman, and a special bodywash make for a brief, sexy, ASFR, interlude.
When Marlene got a new apartment, her friends decided that a housewarming party was in order.  All Marlene had to do was spend the week unpacking.  Funny how these things never quite work out...

The following three are birthday comics for Miss Tiger, Amy and Petra. 

In these three comics Melody goes to the Museum and makes a new friend, deals with a summoning spell gone wrong and acts out a robotic fantasy with Boin-Chain
Amy graciously helped keep the Stuckfast forum going, and requested a comic exploring a bit of pony play with an ASFR twist
Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7

Marlene Birthday Bonus
Raiders of the Lost Art

Another older huge cast epic.

Freeze Factor



A promo comic for Tanya Danielle; if you like her freeze videos drop her a line and let her know you would like to see more.

Sylvan Dale Issue 01:

Melody Dorm Fun

More Comics Done for Tanya Danielle
A Dream of Battle
Perfect Pose
Tanya Tomorrow Part 1
Tanya Tomorrow Part 2
Tanya Tomorrow Part 3 (Interactive flash game)