Maxine Midnight

Midnight is my take on the Pulp / Two-Fisted genre, which I am a huge fan of.  She draws her influence from such characters as The Shadow, The Spider, and the Red Panda.   While she started out as one of my contributions at MCCOMIX, she has continued here with new adventures.

Room Mates

Room Mates is a comic that came out of the Maxine Midnight Universe: There were elements I created that felt like they had a larger back story.  Trivia - the three characters were originally conceived as victims for a Medusariffic story that had to be put on hold.  I grabbed one of them to serve as the Bikini Bandit in Maxine Midnight and the other two came along (ahem) for the ride.  I eventually did get to the story (Issue 67), but told it using a different set of models.